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“Justin Bieber” Birthday Cake March 25, 2011

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This cake was sooo fun to make!  It reminded me of being in grade school and having major crushes on all the guys from NKOTB!  LOL

It was a 9″ chocolate cake with butter cream icing and fed approx 25 people.  The decorations were made from gumpaste and the picture was printed out and stuck on the gumpaste picture frame.


10 Responses to ““Justin Bieber” Birthday Cake”

  1. Nancy Arroyo Says:

    Good Afternoon! I just wanted to tell you I love your cake!!! I am planning a birthday party for my daughter in about 2 weeks and looking for a nice cake for her but cant seem to find a nice one…. I wanted to ask if it would be possible that you make one and sell it to me??? I would love to be able to kind of copy your idea but I am not such a crafty person to create something like that myself 😦 Please let me know…..

  2. Kayla Says:

    Did you make the microphones out of the gumpaste as well? Would you remove the decorations before you eat or are they edible?

    • bethannray Says:

      The microphones were made from gumpaste so the only things not edible were the wire holding up the microphones and the actual picture. I would remove the microphones and picture before serving the cake just because most people wouldn’t be interested in eating them.

  3. Rachel Says:

    How did you get the picture to stay standing?

  4. Susan Gipson Says:

    Did you find the picture just on the internet? My daughter likes that one with the 3 poses.

  5. Susan Gipson Says:

    I’m going to try to make this cake– Is it two 9″ cakes? whats best to keep them together? Someone told me Martha Stewart said just to use a couple straws and push thru both cakes.

  6. rachael hartley Says:

    I really like this cake it is fab

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