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White Chocolate Cake w/Raspberry Filling March 21, 2010

Filed under: Traditional Cakes — bethannray @ 1:49 am

This is my most asked for cake flavor.  It is buttery and delicious with a sweet raspberry filling and white chocolate butter cream icing with fresh raspberries on top.  Yum!


3 Responses to “White Chocolate Cake w/Raspberry Filling”

  1. Jen Kuhn Says:

    Beautiful! I have another question. Do you do the filling after the cake is finished baking? Also, are you using box cake mix or do you have your own recipe for them? I am in complete awe of your cakes and artistry!!!

    • bethannray Says:

      Thank you so much! All my cakes are made from scratch with most of my own recipes. As for the filling, you don’t apply a filling until after its baked. All my cakes are 2 layers, so this cake is 2 eight inch square cakes sandwiched together with raspberry jam filling. Then I make sure its level and ice it. Just let me know if you need anything else:)
      This is also Kristen’s favorite cake!

  2. Kristen Burdette Says:

    YES THIS IS MY FAVORITE! Wish I could have a piece right now! By far the best piece of cake I have ever had and normally I prefer chocolate cake but this is amazing!

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